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Greeting Cards by Santa Barbara Area Artists

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All cards are 5"x7" and come with a bright white A7 envelope.

Price $2.50 each or $25.00/dozen (mix & match)

Quantity discounts available.  Wholesale pricing to qualified resellers.

All cards are blank on the inside, except where indicated.  The images on the cards on this page were created by the Artist indicated.


All cards Mission Creek Studios, 2002, all rights reserved.  Images are copyrighted by the individual artists.
No cards  may be copied or otherwise reproduced without the expressed permission of Mission Creek Studios
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Hank Pitcher

Hank Pitcher is a native of Santa Barbara.  His paintings are lush, light-filled coastal landscapes emphasizing the powerful influence of the Pacific on the western frontier.  His subjects are well known landmarks of the area.

Kurt Wenner

Artist Kurt Wenner creates original works in a style which recalls 16th century Italian art.  The original art shown below was created with the artist's handmade pastels on specially textured paper which gives it a fresco-like feeling.

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"Aloe & Coreopsis"


"Two Surfboards"


"Coral Casino"


"Angel with Viol"


"Angel with Harp"


Bill Colville

A watercolorist, Bill Colville specializes in commissioned "home portraits" in the Santa Barbara area.

Dave Schrader
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"Mt. Carmel Church"


" Nativity"


"Mission Santa Barbara"


"Raggedy Ann"


"Arch at Sunset"


"Pacific Edge"


Pamela Anne

Pamela Anne was a talented silk screen artist who created dozens or original cards before we printed a few or our favorites.  In 1990 she tragically took her own life at a very early age.

Colin Campbell Cooper, N.A.


Colin Campbell Cooper, American Impressionist, studied at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts and later in Paris.  His worldwide travels are reflected in varied architectural and landscape paintings during the Impressionistic period.  In 1921, he settled in Santa Barbara where he was Dean of the School of Painting at the famed Santa Barbara School for the Arts.

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"Sweet Ocean View"


" Happy Fishes"


"Christmas Pasture"


"Joy to the World"




"Yellow Chrysanthemums"


Works of the Old Masters

The cards below were reproduced from original art by the artists indicated below from the collection of Mr. & Mrs. William P. Healey.

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"A Bucking Bronco"

by Frederic S. Remington


"Mission Belles"

by Alexander F. Harmer


"Giving Him a Lift"

by Alexander F. Harmer


"The Prospector"

by Harvey T. Dunn


" Sunset in Yosemite"

by Albert Bierstadt


"Roping the Wolf"

by Charles M. Russell


C1707.jpg (64965 bytes)

"The Free Trader"

by Charles M. Russell


De Foresta

Talented photographer and long time resident of Santa Barbara, De Foresta is an admirer of the signts, sounds, and landforms of the South Coast area.  Having a particular interest in garden, architectural, and landscape photography, Foresta has published photographs in the New York Times, Garden Design magazine, Los Angeles Times Magazine, and American Horticulture magazine.

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"Covarrubius Adobe"


"Santa Inez Mission"


"Santa Barbara Skyline"


" Santa Barbara Courthouse"


"Mission Rose Garden"


"April Ice Plant"


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"Frolicking Tulips"


"Sidewalk Wildflowers"


"Vegetables & Flowers at Sunset"


Edward Borein

Edwared Borein is primarily known as an etcher today. Borein executed almost four hundred different etched images in his life, many of which were printed numerous times. Consequently the most frequent examples of the artist's work found today are his etchings. However, every Borein collector knows that Borein's preeminent achievements are his applied color works, as seen in his best watercolors and oil paintings. Among cattlemen and women, Edward Borein is most recognized for his ability to accurately capture the canter of a horse, the posture of a working cowboy and the force of a moving herd of cattle.  Borein was a working artist, having made his way in life on the proceeds of his art sales. The citizens of Santa Barbara are full of tales of Borein's senior years, when it is said the visitors to his studio on De La Guerra St. would be greeted with tall tales and etchings which could be had for a modest price. Amongst Edward Borein's close friends were the actor Leo Carillo and the humorist Will Rogers. They were often seen at the nearby "El Paseo" restaurant laughing and carrying on.

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"Mission Santa Barbara"


"Two Horsemen Surveying a Canyon"


"Four Horsemen on parade


Ray Strong

Mentor of many Santa Barbara artists, Ray Strong is well known for his landscapes and large dioramas at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.  He has travelled widely, painting landscapes throughout the West.  At 97 years young, he still paints on a regular basis and was recently honored with the "Wilderness Spirit Award" by the Wildling Art Museum.

Dentzel Family Carousel Collection

Campbell Grant 

Once an animator for Walt Disney Studios, Campbell Grant is a recognized author and illustrator who has used his artistic skills to reproduce rock art of the Native Americans.  He is a noted authority on Chumash rock art, having discovered much of it from his own backcountry exploration in California.

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"Dancing Trees"


"Path of Light"


"Dentzel Raindeer"


"Dentzel Rabbit"


" Carizzo Plains"


"San Emigdio Mt."


Patricia Chidlaw

A graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Patricia Chidlaw has a special talent for depicting the beauty of Santa Barbara's historic scenes and vistas.

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" December Moon"


"From Mission Ridge"


"Tall Palms"


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All cards Mission Creek Studios, 2002, all rights reserved
No images may be copied or otherwise reproduced without the expressed permission of Mission Creek Studios